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COVID-19 is the new trending topic, the new virus is in the news all over the world, it will cause germs that cause colds and flu that affect our body. Our expert advice to keep your home germ free, in the COVID-19 only not prevents illness, but it is also spreading if another person is sick, so in this keep distance from the people. In this COVID-19 the research shows it is transmitted when the infected person produces the respiratory droplets it will affect nearby. If you want more information about how we can protect ourselves in public places and at home also, the centre is CDC centres disease control and prevention and some other organization, so they have published the guidelines for preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

This virus is not an everyday virus

Here is some advice which is given by Dr Laura Greci cooke is a certified internist, she uses disinfecting wipes to clean kitchen counters, appliances, drawer, even mobile phones, and TV also some people ignore this thing, but you must wipe down. Everything she uses does disinfect the steering wheel of the car, pens, and computer. So, this lady disinfects everything which she uses every day. She washes her hand and sanitizes it frequently to not come in contact with coronavirus.

Dr Cooke will not be doing these all things to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus but there is a reason behind it. She follows all things to stop a range of coronavirus. She describes this whole thing on the extreme clean spectrum. But there are probably more people who do more things than Dr. cooke does.

How to protect your home and family against coronavirus

To stray away from coronavirus, you should wash your hands and disinfecting household items, surfaces, and electronics, these are the items that are the best way to kills the germs that cause illness. use practising basic personal hygiene to use the disinfectants the most effectively, there are so many steps that you can take to protect your family from COVID-19 and to protect them from getting sick

Wash your hands

The centre for disease control and presentation recommends them to wash their hands frequently not just washed them and done, but they should use soap or hand sanitizer and wash it for at least 60 seconds and the hand sanitizer must contain alcohol to kill the germs. When you do this frequently, it helps to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading and surviving

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

All family members touch the surfaces throughout the day, so eventually, they come in contact with germs and viruses, and it is unavoidable. So, when your hands touch the parts of your body organ like nose, eyes, or mouth, it can directly transfer the virus to your body. So, it can make you sick.

Clean and disinfect surfaces often

For cleaning the surfaces, you can use a recommended bleach by the CDC (centres disease control and prevention). there are some other items to clean the surfaces are vinegar, commercial disinfectants like Mr. clean. This cleaner disinfectant can rapidly kill germs. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, entrance, and others all across your home.

Disinfect in the right way

Before you do this make sure you clean up all the dirt or grime on the surface to get protection from your disinfectant. follow up the guidelines for the disinfectant, to eliminate most of the germs and diseases.

For the most effective disinfectant, you need a certain amount of time on the surface, it depends on the disinfectant because some of them take up to ten minutes to kill the germs and viruses. You need to keep the surface wet as long enough, so you have to reapply the disinfectant

Here is some mistake that most of the people do this that they touch their cell phones, door handles, light switches, so this item should be done extra attention and it should be clean and sanitize it. since it’s uncertain how long the coronavirus can survive on the surface, so it is highly recommended to frequently disinfect these areas.

Home gadgets Can Help to Fight with COVID-19

In your home, there is some appliance like a washing machine it has some amazing quality that it can sanitize and steam settings. so you can apply this setting with detergent, bleach and peroxide can kill the germs.  drying laundry on the dryer hot cycle for 45 minutes is also effective against viruses and germs.

Another amazing gadget is the dishwasher, and it has the features of a sanitize cycle that must meet the standard set by NSF International, a consumer protection group. A certified dishwasher must reach a final rinse temperature because you cannot set the temperature as per your demand the temperature must be 150 degrees and it reduces the bacteria by 99.99%. If you had done the dishwasher sanitizing then you can disinfect the pet bowls, scrub pad, and many more.

The household air purifiers can help, but they cannot replace thought with cleaning and sanitizing. All the purifiers are not the same because some purifier has the ultraviolet light so, it can kill the germs. all purifiers cannot kill the virus’s different purifier has different qualities because some can only capture the viruses, bacteria, and germs, they don’t necessarily kill germs and viruses.

The steam cleaner is good for cleaning and disinfecting things, steam cleaner can’t wash in the washer. The advantages of steam cleaner are that it can kill 99.99 percent of dust mites, germs, bacteria, and such types of dangerous germs as salmonella, staph bacteria, and E. coil. It can also remove dirt and stain on the carpet, upholstery, and drapes.





cleaning service

If you have decided to start your own cleaning business, then you need a plan first which will get you forward accordingly. There is a big difference between cleaning your home by yourself and hiring a professional for the job. So, when you decide to start your own cleaning business, it is not going to be simple cleaning, you must be ready for challenges, employ professionals, have good quality supplies for cleaning and be ready some dirty work too. You are not going to get a quick success in this business, but you need patience for such business and get your business started with your family and friends and ask them to spread a good word of mouth, because referrals are going to matter a lot. You are going to need a good marketing strategy, because without marketing there is no chance of growth.


·       Know if cleaning business services is correct for you.

  1. Fitness level: –

You should be fit enough to start a cleaning business. Your body should be compatible with the job. You must understand that your body is going to make regularly same movements and your body should be comfortable with that much work. You have to bend and kneel again and again on the same day depending on your appointments. If you have any past injuries, then consult your doctor whether you can do the job or not.

  1. Office skills: –

You should have some office skills so that you can manage the work with the help of your computer, you can also manage your every month accounts so that you can know the expenses and profits you are making. If you are weak at this then you should probably hire someone to do that job or learn how to do that because honestly, it is going to help you a lot. Also, people now are more active on internet, so they make an appointment online, because it is easy and fast. With growth of your business, you will get more appointments, and your clients will not like you missing appointments, or any other requirements mentioned by them, so you can just manage them with the help of your computer.

  1. Criminal records and disputes: –

Before getting into this business, you must clear all your criminal records and ensure that you have a clean record. If you have any dispute with any other person which is still going on, then make sure it is clear and not getting in your way. Such things can be a big huddle for your business’s growth, because some clients will not be comfortable with you being around their child or even that you are being at their home, so these things really matter.

  1. Savings and backup: –

Make sure you have good savings to invest in your business. If you are planning to resign from your job and fully depend and focus on your business, then you must have good savings or someone to back you up while you work and grow your business. If you have a job and you are not prepared financially to leave your job and have business, then you can start as a part timer and slowly and steadily grow your business, but do not be greedy in the beginning and charge according to the services provided.

  1. Business expenses:

As you start your cleaning business, you will require good quality of supplies for cleaning business and adding on you will have some more expenses included in them such as marketing and employing some professionals as time goes by, and along with the time your business will grow and with that your expenses too, so start managing your expenses from the beginning so that you can know how much you are making through your business and how much money are investing in your business.

·       Basics of business plan: –

  1. Plan your business strategy and services: –
  • Sort out which type of cleaning you are going to offer, such as occasional cleaning, party clean up, commercial cleaning, constructional cleaning, or regular house cleaning. You cannot offer everything at one go if you are approaching as a part timer, and even if you are going for full time you have to be steady and slow.
  • Before you dive in you must decide whether you are going to use your own products or you are going to use your client’s products, it will be best if you invest some of your money and purchase your own product. Also, benefits of having your own products are that it looks more professional and you know which product is used for what and how products are used. Note that even if you purchase products of your own, you still have to work according to the customer and use it according to them only.
  • Every business has competition, so before diving into the cleaning business services you have to make sure that your city does not have too much competition in that field. If there are too much competition, then it is better you rethink on the decision about starting the business.
  • Now, if you are starting a cleaning business then you need a source of transportation and note that if you are using a family car then you cannot use it for an exceptionally long time, because the car is of no use to anyone with the cleaning products, so it is better if you have a car used for your business. Now, if you are using customer’s products then you can easily use public transportation.
  • Price scale is very important when you offer cleaning services. Note that middle class category is going to have more appointments with you and if you are not offering a reasonable rate then you are not going any forward with this business. So, reasonable pricing is key to success in cleaning business.
  1.  Accounting system :- 

What is your business if you do not have any system to maintain your expenses, profits, and sales tax? You should have a software that can maintain your accounts, and you should have knowledge how to operate that software. If you have no knowledge about the software, then there are many online tutorials which can teach you on how to operate the software. You can also hire someone with knowledge of that software to do the job, but it is best if you learn by yourself and maintain your accounts.

  1. Charging fees: –
  • Before you set a charge for your services, you must decide how you are going to charge the fees, that is according to hours of services you are going to give, according to the square footage of the home or you can charge according to home.
  • It is better you charge according to home (depending on the size of the house)
  • Also, you can charge for add-ons such as oven cleaning or for some places which are very difficult to clean.
  • You have to charge according to the services provided by you and not according to the market, charge as per your experience, but also remember, you have to charge a moderate price, not too much low and not too much high, by this you will lose potential clients.
  • If you do not have any employees in the beginning and you are planning to employ some professionals in future, then you have to charge accordingly so that you do not have to increase your rates when you hire them. So, do not think as you do not have any employees, you can charge low rates to the clients.
  • What supplies do I need to start a cleaning business: –

  1. Choose which products you are going to use: –
  • Use natural and non-toxic products for cleaning. Some people prefer and appreciate usage of natural products, so that way it is not harmful for their children and pets, so make sure you are not using any harmful substances.
  • Use trusted and reliable brands which are known to people so that you can build trust in your clients. If you are going to use products which are homemade then you should explain them about the products. It will help you build a conversation with the clients.
  • Many customers will prefer you bringing your own products, so it is better you own some cleaning products. Note that some customers will have preferences for cleaning some appliances and floors and they will have different products for cleaning them, so make sure you use them.
  • You can always use your customer’s vacuum if they are comfortable so that you do not have to carry heavy vacuum everywhere. Most of your customers will have their own vacuum.
  1. Uniforms advantage: –

You should always dress properly. You should be dressed in tidy clothes, make sure you have enough pair of sets that you can use within a week. The clothes you use while cleaning should be flexible and comfortable so you can work comfortably in those clothes. Also, make sure you have your company name and logo printed on the clothes. By doing all these you will come out more professional and you can build more trust in your customers.

  1. Company vehicle: –

For cleaning business, you need a vehicle in which you can store all your products and take them to the client’s house. If you are planning on using customer’s products, then you can easily use public transportation. If you plan on using family car then it is not going to work for a very long time and it is not going to work eventually, so it is better you purchase your own car.

·       Marketing and getting clients: –

  1. Marketing: – Marketing is very essential if you want your business to grow. Marketing is an aspect of every business which gets the services or products of the company to people, and unless and until you do not get your brand out there in public you cannot expect getting customers for your business. So now you know that how much does marketing matters in a business. There is always traditional approach of marketing, but nowadays digital platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and google are famous for digital marketing.
  1. How to open business website: – Every business needs a website so that the brand is presented in front of potential clients in a digital way. Nowadays, people love to book appointments online and just easily make online payments because it is easier and fast to do that. If you have knowledge of creating a website, you should get started with it and if you do not know how to do that you should probably invest one time in that and have an agency do SEO regularly so you can rank higher and reach potential audience easily.
  2. Business cards: – If you want everyone to talk about your business and know who you are and what business you have then you need business cards so that you can give to every new person you meet. The business card should include your name and your business name, contact details, what your business is about, your company logo and your website name.

·        First customer: –

After you get your first client, which by the way is not going to be easy but right marketing planning and referring to everyone, you will be able to crack it anyway, so do not stop that. Now, after getting your first potential client, remember to offer good quality and proper quantity and not more quantity and less quality. Now, you have started getting few clients, try to make you are your permanent customers and do not be shy to tell them that you are looking for more customers. The best way to get business out of someone is to offer them, if you tell your current customers that you can give them discount on next cleanup if they get you more customers, and also the new customer they will bring will get discount. By this you can grow more.

how to clean bath toys mold

As the tub is filled with water, the first thing they do after getting into tub is grabbing their toy and putting them into their mouth. You might not be aware of the problem mold seeping out of it. It is gross and dangerous for kids. It is time to learn how to mold off your bath toys.

Alike shower walls, kids bath toys are risky as for mold growth. They come in contact with germs floating around in the bathtub, which can cause illness among children. Follow our tips to clean your bath toys clean and mold free.

Let us check out what exactly mold is, let us take a bath toy and cut into two pieces, you will most probably find some rancid water with black things floating inside. Most of us do not cut toys open, but we do often see the black bits floating in the bath when the toys are squirted.

How can you take care of moldy toys?


Kid’s bath toys should be cleaned once a week, toys should be removed from the bathing area and give them a neat and shine cleaning.

Molds are germs on toys that can cause respiratory problems, allergies and many other health problems that are affective of all age group as it makes immune system weak specially with children.


To wash your molded toys with bleach


  1. Grab a bucket that fits the mold toy
  2. Take 3/4 cups of bleach for every 1 gallon/4litres with water and mix the solution.
  3. Place the toy in the solution and use something to hold on the toy if needed, make sure that the toy is fully filled in with bleach to ensure it is cleaned inside and out
  4. Leave the toy in the bucket overnight
  5. Remove the toy from bucket with bleach and discard the solution, and clean with nylon brush to clean off the left mold.
  6. Rinse off those toys with clean water

That is, it!! Easy isn’t it?


Clean Mold toys with vinegar


Another option to clean those mold toys is to use vinegar, vinegar is a natural agent that can dissolve soap and get rid of stains for making it perfect for cleaning those mold toys. Let us get to the steps of cleaning mold toys with vinegar

  1. Use 1 gallon/4 liters of water with 1/2 cup of vinegar and mix the solution.
  2. Immerse those mold toys in the vinegar solution for about an hour.
  3. Scrub those mold toys (will have to scrub harder than with bleach)
  4. Rinse off the toys.


How can you sterilize bath toys with heat?


Moment you sterilize those bath toys, the disease-causing germs are killed with the help of high temperature. Most easy way to wash toys at home is with dishwasher. Load toys into top shelf where the heat is not that intense to prevent damaging of the toys. Place toys in a mesh lingerie bag before loading them into dishwasher, if you are afraid of smaller toys might fall off, use a regular dishwasher detergent.

Fill basin with hot water and add a few squirts of dish soap or liquid. Submerge those mold toys and let them soak for several minutes. Wipe them down with clean cloth or sponge. Remember to wear rubber gloves or any gloves to protect your hand from heat. Rinse soap from toys and let them air dry.

Another way to clean bath toys is to Boil them, put them in a pot or in a vessel of boiling water on the stove and insert toys into the pot or vessel for about 10-20 minutes. The only thing you will need to do is to scrub toys and remove gunk off them.


Other Ways to Clean Your Bath Toys


Plug the Holes

Many bath toys, ones that squirt water or squeak, have holes in the bottom, which are target for water to enter and mold can grow. Place hot glue on such toys before placing them into bathtub that will create a waterproof seal on the toy.

Use Disinfectant Wipes

For disinfecting maintenance and routine cleaning, you can store disinfectant wipes in the washroom. After bath time, squeeze out those toys so that any water left inside, then wipe down the outside portion of the bath toy and rinse it with wipes.

How can you prevent mold from growing on bath toys?

Preventing mold from growing on toys is better than cleaning it off. We want to share a few tips to prevent mold from entering bath toys

Seal Toys!

how to store bath toysSometimes toys are not fully sealed in the bag and this means that water can get inside the toy, which unknowingly can cause mold in the toy and can grow much faster you will not even know that it is there!

In case toys have any holes, seal them with a hot glue gun or with some silicone. This will prevent water from entering bath toys. You can purchase pre-sealed bath toys and avoid that hassle.

Correctly Store Bath Toys!

Allow toys to sit in moisture and do not let them dry out in between is a way to grow mold. Store bath toys correctly will make all the difference and keep those bath toys squeaky clean.

You can use a bath toy organizer that can help toys to sit out of the bottom and allow toys to be well aerated and dry out.

That is all! We often think that using special cleaning products will remove or kill off germs. But overusing such products or materials can sometimes results in killing off too much good bacteria. Only best way to clean most of things is just with soap and water.

If you know all the ins and outs of how to clean baby bath toys, sometimes that gunk still will not go away easily. Then that happens, throw them out. It is better for your kids to play with new toys than anything that can get them sick.