Preventing coronavirus by disinfecting your home.

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COVID-19 is the new trending topic, the new virus is in the news all over the world, it will cause germs that cause colds and flu that affect our body. Our expert advice to keep your home germ free, in the COVID-19 only not prevents illness, but it is also spreading if another person is sick, so in this keep distance from the people. In this COVID-19 the research shows it is transmitted when the infected person produces the respiratory droplets it will affect nearby. If you want more information about how we can protect ourselves in public places and at home also, the centre is CDC centres disease control and prevention and some other organization, so they have published the guidelines for preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

This virus is not an everyday virus

Here is some advice which is given by Dr Laura Greci cooke is a certified internist, she uses disinfecting wipes to clean kitchen counters, appliances, drawer, even mobile phones, and TV also some people ignore this thing, but you must wipe down. Everything she uses does disinfect the steering wheel of the car, pens, and computer. So, this lady disinfects everything which she uses every day. She washes her hand and sanitizes it frequently to not come in contact with coronavirus.

Dr Cooke will not be doing these all things to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus but there is a reason behind it. She follows all things to stop a range of coronavirus. She describes this whole thing on the extreme clean spectrum. But there are probably more people who do more things than Dr. cooke does.

How to protect your home and family against coronavirus

To stray away from coronavirus, you should wash your hands and disinfecting household items, surfaces, and electronics, these are the items that are the best way to kills the germs that cause illness. use practising basic personal hygiene to use the disinfectants the most effectively, there are so many steps that you can take to protect your family from COVID-19 and to protect them from getting sick

Wash your hands

The centre for disease control and presentation recommends them to wash their hands frequently not just washed them and done, but they should use soap or hand sanitizer and wash it for at least 60 seconds and the hand sanitizer must contain alcohol to kill the germs. When you do this frequently, it helps to prevent the COVID-19 from spreading and surviving

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

All family members touch the surfaces throughout the day, so eventually, they come in contact with germs and viruses, and it is unavoidable. So, when your hands touch the parts of your body organ like nose, eyes, or mouth, it can directly transfer the virus to your body. So, it can make you sick.

Clean and disinfect surfaces often

For cleaning the surfaces, you can use a recommended bleach by the CDC (centres disease control and prevention). there are some other items to clean the surfaces are vinegar, commercial disinfectants like Mr. clean. This cleaner disinfectant can rapidly kill germs. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, entrance, and others all across your home.

Disinfect in the right way

Before you do this make sure you clean up all the dirt or grime on the surface to get protection from your disinfectant. follow up the guidelines for the disinfectant, to eliminate most of the germs and diseases.

For the most effective disinfectant, you need a certain amount of time on the surface, it depends on the disinfectant because some of them take up to ten minutes to kill the germs and viruses. You need to keep the surface wet as long enough, so you have to reapply the disinfectant

Here is some mistake that most of the people do this that they touch their cell phones, door handles, light switches, so this item should be done extra attention and it should be clean and sanitize it. since it’s uncertain how long the coronavirus can survive on the surface, so it is highly recommended to frequently disinfect these areas.

Home gadgets Can Help to Fight with COVID-19

In your home, there is some appliance like a washing machine it has some amazing quality that it can sanitize and steam settings. so you can apply this setting with detergent, bleach and peroxide can kill the germs.  drying laundry on the dryer hot cycle for 45 minutes is also effective against viruses and germs.

Another amazing gadget is the dishwasher, and it has the features of a sanitize cycle that must meet the standard set by NSF International, a consumer protection group. A certified dishwasher must reach a final rinse temperature because you cannot set the temperature as per your demand the temperature must be 150 degrees and it reduces the bacteria by 99.99%. If you had done the dishwasher sanitizing then you can disinfect the pet bowls, scrub pad, and many more.

The household air purifiers can help, but they cannot replace thought with cleaning and sanitizing. All the purifiers are not the same because some purifier has the ultraviolet light so, it can kill the germs. all purifiers cannot kill the virus’s different purifier has different qualities because some can only capture the viruses, bacteria, and germs, they don’t necessarily kill germs and viruses.

The steam cleaner is good for cleaning and disinfecting things, steam cleaner can’t wash in the washer. The advantages of steam cleaner are that it can kill 99.99 percent of dust mites, germs, bacteria, and such types of dangerous germs as salmonella, staph bacteria, and E. coil. It can also remove dirt and stain on the carpet, upholstery, and drapes.





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